Hampden Osteopathic Clinic has now reopened.

We are sure you will appreciate that we have had to put many changes in place to comply with government guidelines, to keep patients, practitioners and staff safe; these include the following:

  1. We will be doing a 5 minute triage screening phone call to all patients wishing to book an appointment, to determine the patient risk and clinical reasoning for a face to face consultation.
  2. We will be offering remote video/phone consultations for high risk patients.
  3. For a face to face consultation, then consent will be obtained from the patient, after all the new procedures of infection prevention and PPE have been discussed with them.

    Protocol for patients to follow and what changes to expect when you attend the clinic for a face to face consultation:

    When you book a face to face appointment the osteopaths/receptionist will phone you the day before to ask you again a number of questions related to your health and circumstances at home regarding Covid-19 before you come to your appointment. This is to make sure you are:
    a) Not showing any signs of a high temperature.( over 37.8 *C
    b) Have not got a new, continuous cough.
    c) Do not have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
    d) Do not have malaise, fatigue, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
    c) Do not live with, or have been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has the above symptoms, or been diagnosed with Covid-19.
    d) Not in a high-risk category.
    e) Have not been abroad in the last 14 days.
    If you answer YES to any of the above, then we will have to keep to a phone or video consultation for you instead and you must NOT come to the clinic.
    If you answer NO to all of the above, we can go ahead with your face to face consultation.
    During this telephone call we will give you the opportunity to pay over the phone by card for your treatment, or you can do a BACS transfer.
    Name: Hampden Osteopathic Clinic
    A/C : 34638843        sort code 09-01-28
    ( Again to limit contact with card machine keypads in the clinic.)
    What to expect when you arrive at the clinic:
    1. If you have a mobile phone, we would like you to stay in your car until we phone you to confirm it is safe for you to enter. If you do not have a mobile phone then please arrive at your allotted time, not before.
    2. The Green front door will be kept wedged open to minimalize contact with the handles.
    3. Please press the doorbell to notify reception staff you have arrived, if you haven’t already spoken to them on the phone.
    4. You will then be met by a member of staff. Please come through 2nd door and on the table to the left there will be the following: alcohol hand sanitiser for you to use and a mask. (You may wish to bring your own mask)
    5. The osteopath/reception staff will be able to take your temperature using an infrared non contact digital thermometer, then they will keep 2 m distance from you, but will be able to help with advice on applying hand sanitiser and putting face masks on.
    6. If you require the stairlift, directions will be given by the receptionist on how you can work this yourself.
    7. You will then be asked to come upstairs and will be shown into either a treatment room or to reception, depending on numbers of patients in the reception area.(Max 1 )
    8. When it is your allotted time for your appointment, the osteopath will either come to reception and collect you or will go directly to the treatment room you are in.
    9. The clinic rooms, reception, toilet and all areas have been cleared of nonessential items, (books, leaflets, kids toys) to facilitate easy regular cleaning.
    10. All surfaces that patients come in contact with during their visit will be cleaned using appropriate surface cleaners, before every patient arrives at the clinic.
    11. Your practitioner will be wearing a clinic tunic, plastic apron, gloves, face mask, face shield. ALL of which will be used once and changed between patients
    12. Your practitioner will be washing their hands and arms with soap and water between each patient (and during if the need arises. )
    13. The treatment couches and pillow cases will have no material covers on, to allow cleaning between patients and the white paper couch rolls will be used as normal
    14. We would ask all patients to keep their face masks on at all times and use the hand sanitisers provided, on entry to the premises and during their visit if required
    15. Your treatment will be hands on, but where possible during verbal consultation and active examination distancing will be observed.
    16. At the end of the consultation if you require a further appointment we will contact you by phone to rebook.
    17. We would then ask you to leave so we can prepare for the next patient
    We also need to remind you of all the potential risks associated with face to face treatment although we will be taking as many precautions as possible to limit any spread of Covid-19, we can not be 100% certain you will not contract Covid-19 from coming to the clinic. If you are then still happy to come for a face to face consultation, then we would like you to sign the Covid-19 consent form online which we will send you when you make your booking.
    If you are a NEW PATIENT then the same protocol applies, but we will be sending you by email a medical questionnaire to fill out online and we will then do a case history via video or phone consultation before we bring you in for a face to face treatment.

    We hope this helps explain how we will continue to help our lovely patients, but just in a different safer way.

    If you would like to rebook with either Janet, Sebastian, or any of the other practitioners at the clinic, then please email us or phone us and we will be happy to help you.  

          Janet White DO and all The Team